Block Explorer FAQ


How to get wDash?

wDASH is a token from PirateFoundation that can be exchanged through the @piratecash_bot gateway using DASH network coins or directly purchased on PancakeSwap.

Is there any AIRDROP planned for the wDASH token?

This is not possible as wDASH is a wrapped token of the actual DASH cryptocurrency, and our project provides a gateway to bring the advantages of WEB3 technology to the DASH community.

What is the exchange rate between wDASH and DASH?

The exchange rate is 1:1 in both directions. However, when exchanging DASH for wDASH, a small amount will be charged to cover gas expenses on the Binance Smart Chain.

What to do if you haven't received coins or tokens?

We recommend checking if the contract 0xCbFB0D98151D03eF8bB71fA668F57Df5E3fb4673 is added to your wallet. If you encounter difficulties, we will gladly provide assistance in our Discord or Telegram community.